Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Welcome back blog

Welcome back blog, it's been along time since I've paid any attention to you and I'm sorry. It started out as ransom-daily, turned into ransom monthly and now unfortunately it's ransom-decade. Haha oh well it's not actually counting the days I've been gone is it? I guess I could start by writing down a few things I've been thinking about, first things first I need to charge my keyboard so I don't have to type on this stupid tablet, second I kind of wish I could turn Facebook off and never look back, it consumes my life, it's a big waste of time, and I need some sort of Facebook support group. In reality I think a lot of people want to shut Facebook off forever and don't admit it. Think about how many opportunities have passed you by just by staring at your phone instead of looking out into the world. You never know you could have let your future wife go by or an epic dream job? We will just never know. I guess I'm done writing useless nonsense that know want probably reads any way. So good night cyber space and lets boldly go where know one has gone before.. Just watched a episode of Star Trek voyager.. Freakin love that show.